Technology Commercialization Plan

A technology commercialization plan is a pre-business plan. Given where an entrepreneur is today in their thinking and the development of their product or technology, this plan will identify steps that can be taken and barriers that must be overcome in order for the entrepreneur to get it in to the marketplace.

This service begins by the entrepreneur preparing and submitting a written description of the product/technology in business plan format following our posted template. This involves the entrepreneur putting into writing all their thoughts and research about the product, markets, and customers to date. It is recognized that at this stage much of the research and information required for a complete business plan will be missing.

The service will include a review of the product/business description and a one-hour reality check telephone conversation. The conversation will probe the entrepreneur further about the product and the business opportunity and begin to assess its viability. Following the conversation, the entrepreneur will receive a written commercialization plan. The plan will identify:  

  • Possible concerns about the commercial viability of the product
  • Steps that the entrepreneur can take to validate viability
  • A commercialization path identifying steps that the entrepreneur can take to move the product/technology, assuming its viability, from where it is today in to the marketplace
  • Potential sources of financing
  • A list of additional steps for the entrepreneur to take to convert the commercialization plan into a complete business plan

The service will conclude with a second conversation to answer questions that the entrepreneur may have about the plan and to make sure that the entrepreneur is clear about the next steps that can be taken to begin to implement the plan.

Cost: $500