Business Plan Critique

We review and prepare written critiques of business plans based on the screening criteria utilized by venture capitalists and other equity investors.
Entrepreneurs get one opportunity to make a strong first impression on a prospective investor. That impression typically comes from the submission and review of the entrepreneur’s executive summary or complete business plan. This review will determine whether the entrepreneur will be invited in for a meeting with the investor, so it is important that the plan be as complete and compelling as possible.

There are numerous business plan professionals who will write your business plan for you for between approximately $5,000 and $10,000. However, much of a business plan must come from an entrepreneur’s head, which will still require your integral participation in the process. Our article on business plan preparation empowers you to efficiently provide the information that must come from you, in preparation for us helping you transform it into a complete plan. The plan can then be shared with venture capitalists and angel investors, or simply used as a roadmap for implementation of your business and a set of benchmarks against which to monitor your progress.

This service will provide a written critique of an entrepreneur’s business plan based upon two readings. The critique will include both the identification of deficiencies in the plan and steps that can be taken to overcome them. The service also includes a 1hour telephone debriefing with the entrepreneur following their review of the critique, in order to expand on some of the comments and make sure that the entrepreneur is clear about them and how to proceed. Cost: $650

Supplemental Business Plan Critiques
Because of their complexity, business plans written for equity financing may require several iterations before they are ready for submission. Because of our familiarity with your initial plan, revised plans resubmitted within 45 days of the telephone debrief will be reviewed at a discount. This service will include a second written critique and telephone debrief.

Second critique: $450
Additional critiques: $350