PowerPoint Presentations for Investors

The goal of submitting your business plan to investors is for you to be invited in for a meeting. This meeting will typically begin with a PowerPoint presentation of your plan. Ask the investor how long a presentation they would like and about any aspects of the plan that they would like you to focus on. It is important that your presentation be succinct and compelling. This meeting will determine the extent of their interest in your business opportunity and whether they are interested enough to begin conducting due diligence research about the opportunity and you.

This service is intended to coach you through the development and delivery of your presentation. It will begin with you preparing a draft set of PowerPoint slides with the help of our preparation guide, that you will then submit for review along with a copy of your business plan. Your presentation is based on your business plan. You will receive a written critique of your slides including suggestions for strengthening them followed by a one-hour telephone debriefing conversation to discuss and elaborate on our comments.

Following this conversation, you will prepare and submit a revised set of slides. You will also be asked to submit an audio and if possible a video recording of your presentation of the slides, which will also be critiqued. A good presentation is much more than a set of compelling PowerPoint slides. The slides are the starting point of your presentation, highlighting the most important information, and are intended to keep you from wandering astray on tangents. They are not, however, intended to or supposed to be your entire presentation. Your audience expects you to tell them a compelling story and will want you to elaborate on important points.

You will then receive a second written evaluation. This time the evaluation will be of your presentation as a whole, including both the slides and your presentation of them. It will be followed by a second telephone debriefing. You will then be asked to prepare and submit a revised audio/video presentation of your slides, which will be reviewed, critiqued and discussed with you.

Cost: $950