Marketing Plan

The term marketing, quite simply, is any activity that assists in creating customers for your products. A Marketing Plan is the documentation of the process of Marketing you will have chosen to obtain customers. It is best understood as the culmination of hard work gathering information to help you plan your work and work your plan. A lot of people have been successful without a marketing plan, but no one has reached their peak of marketing success without some form of a marketing plan.

Foundations provides two basic types of services for Marketing Plans:

Critique and refinement of an existing Marketing Plan

Foundations will review the marketing plan and its supporting analysis. This usually takes the form of reviewing the document, asking questions and providing written questions regarding the underlying analyses. After receiving responses, additional questions or discussions may result before a final report is generated. The final report will provide suggestions on overall execution of the plan, including: the market; the value proposition; action items that support marketing tactics, and the basic business model. If the Marketing Plan is being critiqued for use in support of seeking funding, comments regarding format and content will be made accordingly.

Cost $650

Assistance in formulation of a Marketing Plan

Product and pricing under development.