Application of Business First Aid (BFA)

If a business owner recognizes his/her business is in stress or trouble, a more time sensitive, no holds barred approach to problem identification and resolution is required. There are 3 main objectives associated with BFA:

1st Objective: Restore Breathing (Cash Flow) Deliverables:

  • Questionnaires are used, designed for identifying sources and uses of cash and the inherent reasons for too much going out or not enough coming in
  • Critical Cash questions are provided to Business Owner, Key Personnel and Key Customer/Key Vendor
  • An initial report identifying possible cash solutions; review w/key personnel
  • Final BFA report identifies short term solutions as modified with/by Key Personnel

Cost $900

2nd Objective: Remove Company from the Hazard:

Based on information gathered addressing the first issue of cash flow, a custom set of templates will be created to help identify the root issues surrounding the cash flow issues. In like fashion to BHC, they will be distributed to key personnel, iterated between the parties and a final report generated that will provide recommendations to the owner.

Cost $900

3rd Objective: Address injuries, cuts, etc. (Establish long term viability)

This is identical to the BHC process, except there is a lot of known information due to addressing the previous issues. Therefore, while generic templates are anticipated, they will be modified in accordance with information previously gathered.

Cost $900