Elevator and Networking Pitch

The elevator pitch is the 1-2 minute overview of your business that you are prepared to share with a venture capitalist if you ever have the opportunity to ride alone with one up the elevator of a 30 story building. It is important that the pitch be focused on the business opportunity and not the technology and that it be exciting enough so that the listener wants to hear more upon its conclusion.

One of an entrepreneur's most important tasks is networking. This involves attending events where you can meet other entrepreneurs, investors and business professionals who can be helpful to you in moving your business ahead. To gain maximum advantage from your participation in these events, you need a compelling elevator and networking pitch which succinctly describe the essence of your business.

The networking pitch is a 15-30 second abbreviated version of the elevator pitch that you share with the people you meet and speak with at networking events, in an attempt to determine whether the two of you share any significant common interests. It can be expanded into the elevator pitch for listeners who are interested.

This service begins with the entrepreneur drafting and submitting a pitch following our downloadable template, along with the executive summary of their business plan if available. The entrepreneur will receive a written critique of the pitch, which may include some initial suggested language changes. This will be followed by a telephone conversation to discuss the critique and various aspects of the business and its unique, compelling qualities that remain unclear. Following this conversation the entrepreneur will receive a revised elevator and networking pitch that will be discussed with them during a second conversation.

Cost: $250