Strategic Alliances Plan

Strategic alliances are business partnerships. You partner with other businesses to acquire resources that you need to get your technology in to the marketplace. For small businesses this typically means partnering with larger more established businesses. Strategic alliances can also speed entrepreneurs market entry and minimize the financing required to get there. There are several types of strategic alliances including financing, sales, manufacturing and licensing.

This service begins with a review of a company's business plan or equivalent document in order to understand the product/technology, business opportunity and current business strategy. The second step is up to a two hour conversation to provide for any needed clarification of the information in the documents and to discuss potential strategic alliance strategies and partners. The consultant will follow up with a written recap of the conversation including an evaluation of the potential strategic alliance strategies and partners discussed. The recap will also identify additional research that the company needs to conduct in order for the consultant to complete the development of a strategic alliance strategy.

The consultant will evaluate the research, discuss it with the company and may suggest additional research for the company to conduct. Upon completion of the research, the consultant will prepare a strategic alliance plan with one or more recommended strategies and prioritize potential partners. The report will also include suggestions on how to approach these prospects. There will be a final conversation with the entrepreneur to discuss implementation of the plan.

Cost $1,275

Foundations is also available on an hourly basis to conduct all the required research and to contact prospective partners on behalf of the company.