Foundations Business Development Group is a consulting firm dedicated to helping entrepreneurs launch, finance, grow, and revitalize their small businesses. We are focused on serving science, technology and manufacturing industries helping companies from the seed and startup stages up through $15 million in sales.

Our mission is to guide entrepreneurs in building strong, growing businesses, on firm foundations that maximize their potential in today's global economy. We accomplish this by evaluating and filling in the gaps or providing the missing pieces in companies' business plans, strategies, tactics, management team and operations, as well as helping them raise required financing.

In addition to introducing our services, this web site offers articles and presentations that provide useful information and insights on several important topics. Given the limited financial resources of many of the businesses that need our assistance the most, we have developed a coaching model for the delivery of our services. Whenever feasible, our preferred mode of operation is to coach entrepreneurs and their teams through projects working with them to help them achieve their goals. We are also happy to deliver comprehensive turnkey solutions.

We hope that you find the articles and tools useful and look forward to helping you build your business.